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Beach/Bath/Hammam/Fouta cotton towel. 


  • 100% cotton, plain weave bath towel made from premium quality cotton yarn. Extremely soft & gentle on the skin. It is light weight (130gms) with excellent absorption and dries easily, perfect for travel. Mindfully crafted to maximise versatility, it is the best companion to the beach, hammams or picnics.

    • Soft
    • Ultra lightweight 
    • Excellent absorption
    • Comfort and dries easily
    • Versatile
    • Aesthetically pleasing


    • L x W: 54 inches x 25 inches
    • Weight : 130 gms 

    WASHING & CARE : Easy to maintain. Machine wash with light colours or hand wash. 

    Note : Wash the towel before use.  Absorption and softness increases after first two washes.

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