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My name is Nirupama Esvaramurthi and NOOL COMPANY is my brainchild.

While working in the yarn trading industry, I learnt of the excess yarn textile exporters end up with at the completion of their export orders. This was unavoidable and no fault of anyone. I also learnt that this yarn is sometimes reused but more often, stored for years and later sold as scrap. Mind you, this is superior quality yarn with potential chances of ending up in landfills. 


On learning this and with sustainability being at the core of my business, my idea to make products with it was born - starting with a beach towel line. The yarn procured from these exporters still has to pass our quality criteria in terms of CSP, production date and spun yarn specifically.

It was somewhere while getting to make these beautiful products with whatever material was available (in terms of yarn colour, count, etc.) did I feel a sense of purpose. This birthed the idea to make more products under a brand. And hence, NOOL COMPANY was born.

Our products are made consciously with maximum utility and versatility as our a prime motive. Our goal is to enable mindful consumption and sustainability.

Nirupama Esvaramurthi

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